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Fable 2 & Goings on...

2008-11-12 07:35:31 by logweiny

First of all, this is the user "Pwanchi". I decided to ditch that account and make one with this alias (I use this name in everything).

In other news, I bought Fable 2 a few days ago and am very addicted to it >.< I know allot of people are in disagreement with the ending but most of them do not know there is multiple endings *SPOILER WARNING* *AVERT EYES!!!* If you don't shoot Lucien (or however his names spelt) he will reveal his side of the story, its quite sad really. Much better ending than shooting him *OK BRING EYES BACK DOWN NOW* *END SPOILERS*

BTW, I have all the keys but missing 12 gargoyles >.<

Back to Flash news...

I finished a script today of a new flash that Cody, Ryan & myself will be making. So I hope you all stick around for that.

May swell include a picture of me in my "outfit" for my major assessment in my multimedia course.

Fable 2 & Goings on...


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2008-11-12 11:25:01

You can get Luciens side of the story by reading the Diary.

logweiny responds:

That too. But I prefer the epic speech he has as he knows he's going to die.