Flashs for the future... (Pwanchi Productions) And crap, everybody loves crap! Even Jesus!

2008-11-29 10:05:42 by logweiny

There are a number of flashes planned for next year.

Such titles include:

Splinter Cell 3: God knows what the title will be

Wild Ride 4 will eventually show up

ChainSAW: Insert penis joke here Trap will obviously be returning

A new series that has been written by the hands of me will also debut sometime in the first quarter of the year. It has absolutely no name... All there is to say is it's pretty much Seinfeld meets us... yup... craptacular if I ever saw it...

Me and my friend will also join forces in the coming month or so to write a script so f*cked up, you'll sh!t your pants just watching the preloader. In other words, parodies to the max =o

And remember kiddies, Pwanchi Productions's's'$ss's flash series can only be viewed on Newgrounds.com, if you see it on something else, those guys should be shot in the left ear and tossed into a pit of fire-breathing elephants where they will be molested for years to come.

(I'm guessing that nobody will read this so yeah, here's a spoiler for our next flash =o, are you ready... our next flash... is about Christmas =o )

~End of News~


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2008-12-15 13:00:05


logweiny responds:

WHY THE HELL WOULD YO- oh wait... I don't even care?


2008-12-16 14:58:07

Will 0

logweiny responds:

congradufuckinglations =D


2008-12-19 06:13:46

The Pwanchi Christmas flash deserved far better treatment than this, it was Pwanchi Productions best work so far.

logweiny responds:

such kind words *hands out a cookie*


2009-06-18 00:31:14

What voices do you do?