Resident Evil Pwanchi 5 Release Date

2010-07-01 02:57:11 by logweiny

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 5 is pretty much complete. However we are having trouble publishing the flash. Something to do with memory. But expect it out anytime between now and the end of the weekend.


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2010-07-13 09:01:02

Dead children everywhere.

logweiny responds:

I should hope so as they are our target audience.


2010-07-27 22:39:48

I just found this AMAZING new hentai site, all the downloads are FREE and it contains a bunch of exclusive pictures and movies no other site has! It's called and if I were you I would download as much as I could before they start making you have to pay!

logweiny responds:

How sexually accelerating.


2010-08-01 15:42:38

Australia is a pretty cool place.

logweiny responds:

It's not to bad.


2010-08-01 15:42:57

Oh no wait, I meant New Zealand.

logweiny responds:

Don't worry, I get Australia and New Zealand mixed up all the time.